The UBE Essays module contains materials solely for MEE and MPT study. If you are a UBE taker, the UBE Essays module is an excellent complement to the MBE modules. You can learn more about the UBE Essays module here A subscription to UBE Essays (typically $175) is discounted if you sign up for it along with the Combined MBE Outline Module (total cost is $500 which represents a $175 discount versus purchasing each module individually). This $500 combo subscription represents all the non-tutoring based modules available from Seperac Bar Review LLC for the July 2019 bar exam. To obtain this discounted package, you must specifically sign up for the $500 Combined MBE Outline + UBE Essays Modules subscription because the discount will not be applied if you purchase the MBE modules separately. You can also purchase the UBE Essays module and then upgrade to the Combined MBE Outline Module for an additional $325.