For the past 10 years, I have been making bar exam score calculators.

New York Bar Exam Calculator

California York Bar Exam Calculator

Texas Bar Exam Calculator

District of Columbia Bar Exam Calculator

The calculators are reliable (e.g. if you failed J19 and plug in your J19 scores it will calculate your exact total score). Examinees who took the F20 exam can play around with the F19 calculator to predict their F20 performance. Examinees taking the upcoming July exam can use the J18 or J19 calculators to test various scoring scenarios. I plan to make calculators for other states once I receive enough scores from examinees.

I also have an MBE calculator that will estimate your scaled MBE score:

MBE Scaled Score Calculator

I find that MBE scores often correlate well with MBE practice scores, so this calculator will give you a realistic idea of how your % correct in MBE practice will translate into a particular scaled MBE score. For example, if you answered 1,000+ representative MBE questions in practice and averaged 65% overall, you will probably average somewhere around 65% correct on the actual MBE (meaning a scaled score around 140).

Finally, I have a calculator that uses past NYBOLE and NCBE studies to estimate your MBE and UBE score. If you are from a non-UBE state, I convert the passing score to the UBE scale (e.g., CA would be 288 to pass):

UBE Score Estimator

The calculator does a good job of estimating the scores of First Time Domestic examinees because there a good amount of data available. The calculator is less reliable with repeaters and foreign examinees because there isn’t as much data for these demographics. As I collect more data from examinees, the calculator will become more reliable, but currently only 3% of examinees who use the calculator follow up with me so it will be a while.

If the calculator estimates you to pass by 20+ points, you are likely going to pass assuming you studied full-time using a major bar review (e.g. Barbri/Kaplan/Themis). If the calculator estimates you to pass by 20+ points and you are at 65% correct or better in overall MBE practice, I would expect you to pass comfortably, no matter how difficult you think the exam was. Conversely, if your projections are below passing and your MBE practice was below 60% correct overall, you should consider lightly studying until results are released.