The OPE 860 MBE Questions module and UBE Essays module are generally available year-round.

There are three different MBE subscription modules which will be available for the upcoming exam once they are updated. The MBE Rules Module is based on “rules” that I wrote for every released NCBE question (2,000+ questions including the recent MBE Study Aid questions) that is sorted based on priority and is accompanied with MP3s of the rules (to enable examinees to form different memory impressions in their studies). The MBE Outlines Module is based on my MBE outlines (which I have been updating for 15 years). This is a 175 page outline (25 pages per subject) where each page is expected to represent one question you will see on the MBE. The majority of my time is spent trying to figure out what will be on the MBE and making an outline that reflects those beliefs that is proportional to the amounts those items will contribute to your score. Thus, you are in a way taking calculated risks. For example, some sections are much smaller than most other outlines while other sections are significantly larger than most outlines. However, I advise examinees to use this outline as their MBE bible because it is a very concise outline that really pinpoints what will be on the exam, both proportionally and contextually, and thus will be an excellent reflection of the upcoming MBE exam. The Combined MBE Outline Module is a combination of these two subscriptions (it is the same MBE outline with the NCBE MBE rules built into it). For example, if you are looking at the category of Torts Defamation, not only will you see the black letter law that I expect to be tested on the upcoming MBE for defamation, but you will also see the legal synopses I wrote for the 25 MBE questions on defamation tested since 1991. This is done for all 176 MBE categories in my outline.

Please look at the samples before you purchase. For example, to prevent copying/sharing, each page is watermarked and I do not identify which MBE rule is associated with which question (although I do state which source each rule is from).

If you are a UBE taker, the UBE Essays module is an excellent complement to the MBE modules. A subscription to UBE Essays is discounted if you sign up for it along with the Combined MBE Outline Module. You can learn more about the UBE Essays module here

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