The following calculator will estimate your Part A Scaled Score for the February 2019, July 2018 and February 2018 Florida bar exam administrations based on the individual Part A scores you enter. Florida examinees taking an upcoming exam should use a recent calculator to test various scoring scenarios to estimate their exam performance since the scales should be similar (e.g. if you are taking the February exam, you should look at recent February calculators).

Florida Bar Exam Score Calculator  
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IMPORTANT NOTE: While I am certain of the results of my other bar calculators, I am not 100% certain about this calculator. Out of all the bar score calculators I have made, this one is by far the most difficult because the Part A scores sometimes seem to follow a reverse scale. Accordingly, if you receive an incorrect result, please let me know. If you send me your exam scores using the following form, I will make new Florida Score Calculators once I receive enough scores and determine the scale. If you try to compare scales, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that the J20 exam had 40 multiple choice for the Florida Rules versus 30 questions on prior exams.