I’ve been making bar exam score calculators for the past 15 years. Currently, there are calculators for the following states: AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, IL, MA, MD, NC, NY, OH, PA, TN, TX, WATo make a calculator, examinees send me their scores and then I figure out the written and MBE scales once I have a large enough number of scores to cover the majority of permutations. For virtually all examinees who failed that exam and plug in their scores, the calculator will be exact. For example, if you failed F24 in NY and plug in your F24 scores into the “Enter Your Scores” column, it will calculate your exact written and total score. Please note that extreme scores will disrupt the accuracy (e.g., if you enter a hypothetical maximum score for each MEE/MPT score, the total will be inaccurate). Examinees who are sitting for an upcoming February exam should play around with past February calculators for your state to predict your performance based on previous February scales while examinees taking an upcoming July exam should use a past July calculator to test scoring scenarios. Once you select a state/administration, the “exactly passing MEE/MPT Score” will be reported. This is the score needed for each MEE/MPT to have an exactly passing written score for that state/administration. For example, it’s been stated that 4 is the passing MEE/MPT score in Texas, but based on my Texas calculators, a passing written occurs with a score of 3.2 in July versus 3.6 in February. For New York scenarios, an exactly passing MEE/MPT score is usually around 48 in July versus 52 in February.

These calculations are accurate to within 1/10 of a point on the written (assuming the scores entered are not extreme). Simply select the appropriate state/administration and then enter your essay, MPT and MBE scores in the Exam Score column to calculate a Scaled Written and Total Scaled Score for the exam you choose. I also have a non-UBE California Score Calculator. For example, if you failed the J23 TX exam, you should choose “TX-J23” from the State-Exam choicelist and then plug in the J23 scaled scores you received. The calculated Written and Total Score should be exact (although the Written Score may be off by 1/10 of a point). NOTE: Some state score reports list MEE scores before MPT scores while other states list MPT scores first. Thus, if your state lists MPT scores first, don’t make the mistake of entering your MPT scores in the MEE section. 

 Some of the benefits of this calculator is you can see what is an exactly passing scaled MEE/MPT score for that administration and you can also see how many UBE points you received for a particular score. Thus, if there is a calculator for your state/administration, it will tell you how many MBE/MEE and MPT points you were away from passing. Use this information to learn which component of the exam hurt you the most. It will also tell you your estimated raw MBE score (based on 175 graded questions) and your % correct based on the MBE scale (this is just an estimate which will improve as I collect more MBE subscores for that administration). To account for the potential unreliability of this estimate, I also report your raw MBE score and your % correct based on the 2013 MBE scale (which is the last MBE scale to be released so this is not an estimate). Use this information to determine whether your practice scores can be used to reliably predict your MBE score. If you are entering your exam scores into the calculator, please do me a favor and press the SUBMIT button to submit these scores to me. This helps me determine the scales and make/improve the calculators. If you would also like to receive additional statistics/information based on your scoring, please include your email. If you enter all the information (including the MBE subscores), I will send you free 14-16 page confidential analysis of your scoring. 

    UBE Bar Exam Score Calculator  
  EMAIL (to get addtl stats)  
  MEE ESSAY 1 (e.g. 3 for DC)  
  MEE ESSAY 2 (e.g. 4 for IL)  
  MEE ESSAY 3 (e.g. 3.5 for TX)  
  MEE ESSAY 4 (e.g. 45.25 for NY)  
  MPT 1 (e.g. 52.67 for NY)  
  MPT 2 (e.g. 2 for MN)  
  WRITTEN SCALED SCORE (e.g. 130.1)  
  MBE SCALED SCORE (e.g. 124.2)  
  TOTAL UBE SCORE (e.g. 255)  
  Civil Procedure %tile (e.g. 19.7)        
  Con Law %tile (e.g. 55.0)        
  Contracts %tile        
  Criminal Law %tile        
  Evidence %tile        
  Real Property %tile        
  Torts %tile        
  Overall %tile (e.g. 32.1)        
  EST. RAW MBE    
  EST. MBE % COR    
  EST. RAW MBE    
  EST. MBE % COR    

Calculators exist for the following states/exams: AL-F23; AL-F18; AL-J17; AR-J23; AZ-J23; AZ-J22; AZ-J21; AZ-F20; CO-J22; CO-F18; CO-J17; CO-F17; CT-J23; CT-F18; DC-J23; DC-F23; DC-J22; DC-F22; DC-J21; DC-J19; DC-F19; DC-J18; DC-F18; IL-F24; IL-J23; IL-F23; IL-J22; IL-F22; IL-J21; IN-J22; MA-J23; MA-F23; MA-J19; MD-J22; MD-F22; MD-J21; MI-J23; NC-J23; NC-F23; NY-F24; NY-J23; NY-F23; NY-J22; NY-F22; NY-J21; NY-F21; NY-F20; NY-J19; NY-F19; NY-J18; NY-F18; NY-J17; NY-F17; NY-J16; OH-J23; OH-F23; OH-J22; OH-F22; OH-J21; PA-F23; PA-J22; TN-J23; TN-F23; TN-J22; TN-F22; TN-J21; TX-F24; TX-J23; TX-F23; TX-J22; TX-F22; TX-J21; WA-F22

If there isn’t a calculator for your state/exam (or it calculates your written and total score incorrectly), please send me your scores by pressing the Submit button and I will update the calculator. If you Submit your scores and include your email, I will respond back with additional information/statistics. Please do not submit your scores unless they are the actual scores you received on the exam and you include the written score, MBE score, and total score. If you failed the UBE exam, I can provide you with a free 16 page confidential analysis of your scoring if you complete the following form Once I collect enough scores, I will then send you a free 14-16 page confidential score report. This score analysis will give you a much better idea of where you went wrong on the exam and where your weak areas are. If you fill out the other portions of the form, I will also give you advice on what to do for your next attempt. A sample of this free score analysis report hereOver the past 14 years, I have sent this free score analysis to over 7,000 examinees.  If you send me your exam scores, I will make a relevant Score Calculator once I receive enough scores and determine the scale. 

If you send me (JOE @ SEPERAC.COM) a PDF of your essays, I gave give you a free 45+ MEE/MPT Analysis report (but you may not get it until about one month before the exam). It will tell you whether you used the likely issue spotting keywords along with a whole host of other statistical and comparison info. A sample of this MEE/MPT analysis report can be viewed here.

I also made a UBE Score Estimator that will estimate your MBE and UBE score based on the demographic information you enter. This calculator is based on available statistics from NCBE and NYBOLE and should accurately reflect the majority of examinees sitting for the exam. This calculator is reasonably accurate for all demographics, particularly First-Time Domestic candidates. For example, if the calculator has you passing by 20+ points and you are at 70% correct or better overall in MBE practice, you are in very good territory and the results will likely be on point. However, if you are only 60% correct overall in MBE practice, you need to focus more on the MBE because your results will likely shade down (making it possibly too close to call).s/exams.