The Seperac Combined MBE Outline subscription consists of everything contained in the MBE Rules module and the MBE Outlines module, plus the Seperac F19 Combined MBE Outline (which essentially merges the prioritized MBE rules with the proportionalized MBE Outline). Accordingly, on the Seperac Combined MBE Outline subscription site, you are able to download the Seperac F19 Combined MBE Outline, the Seperac F19 MBE Outline, the Seperac F19 MBE Rules Outline (All 1,810 NCBE MBE Rules), the Seperac F19 MBE Rules Outline (641 OPE MBE Rules only), the MP3s of the NCBE MBE Rules (all 1,810 NCBE MBE rules) and the MP3s of the OPE MBE Rules (641 OPE MBE Rules only).

The MBE tests both new topics (based on their current MBE questions) and past topics (based on their released MBE questions). This outline is intended to help you with both by merging my MBE Black Letter Law Outline with my MBE NCBE Rules Outline. This 285 page SEPERAC COMBINED MBE OUTLINE is keyed to the 2019 NCBE Subject Matter outlines and broken down into 175 MBE categories that represent the ABC level items in the 2019 NCBE Subject Matter outlines. For each of the 175 categories, this outline contains the black letter law expected to be tested on the F19 MBE along with rules for every past tested NCBE MBE question (1,800+ rule synopses). In addition, the expected number of MBE questions on the upcoming F19 MBE is reported for each of the 175 categories. There are 25 pages of black letter law for each MBE subject and I regard each page of black letter law as representing one expected MBE question. There are an additional 110 pages of MBE rules built into this outline, making this outline a total of 285 pages. There is no outline that will better represent the upcoming F19 MBE – the black letter law sections of the SEPERAC COMBINED MBE OUTLINE efficiently tell you what to expect on the current MBE while the built-in MBE rules concisely categorize what was previously tested.

Click here to view a sample of the Combined Seperac MBE outline before you purchase. For example, the outline is in a protected PDF format to prevent copying/sharing and each page is watermarked. Thus, while you can print it, you cannot copy from it or edit it.

The majority of my time is spent trying to better understand what is tested on the MBE and making an outline that reflects those beliefs that is proportional to the amounts those items will contribute to your score. The result is 175 pages of black letter law (25 pages per MBE subject) where each page is expected to represent 1 question you will see on the MBE. While most bar outlines suffer from outline bloat (always adding content but never re-balancing), this outline only contains what I expect to be tested and is proportioned accordingly (meaning you are taking calculated risks using my materials). For example, my section on RAP is much smaller than any similarly sized bar outline. Meanwhile, my section on DJ is much larger than similarly sized outlines. However,  subscribers should treat this outline as their MBE study bible because it is a very concise outline that pinpoints what will be on the exam, both proportionally and contextually, making it an excellent reflection of the F19 MBE exam. For example, the new areas the MBE currently tests (e.g. Fair Housing Act, broker’s commissions, title insurance, zoning/non-conforming uses, voluminous summaries, and many more) are proportionally and contentually covered in the outline. I strongly believe you can pick up 3-6 MBE points just from this outline’s coverage of these new MBE areas (which most other outlines fail to cover appropriately). In contrast, if something is not significantly covered in the black letter law sections of this outline, it is not important for the upcoming exam.

The past MBE topics are reflected in the 1,800+ built-in MBE rules. This outline contains synopses of the law for each of the 1,800+ released NCBE MBE questions (these are the same questions in Adaptibar/Strategies & Tactics, Barmax, etc. and includes rules for the recently released 2017 MBE Study Aid questions). This outline distills the 1,800+ MBE questions into rule statements so examinees can get the gist of what was tested on the released MBE questions without having to go through the questions. This means you will see every legal concept that NCBE has tested (and released as a practice question) from 1991 to present. If you answer the released NCBE questions, this serves as a great second perspective, and if you don’t answer all the released NCBE questions, this serves as an excellent hedge. More so, these rules are organized by category so you can see the different ways each MBE category has been tested. Furthermore, since knowledge is constructed, seeing the rules associated with the black letter law will make it easier for you to understand the law. Put simply, the better you understand the law in this outline, the better you will score on the F19 MBE and the more likely you will pass the exam.

The UBE Essays subscription is discounted by $75 if you buy these two modules together, but it must be done at the same time (through the $500 Combined MBE Outline + UBE Essays Modules).

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