The following calculator will accurately estimate a Written Scaled Score and Total Score for the July 2016-July 2021 NY UBE bar exam administration based on the scores you enter (O20 excluded because it was a partial exam). Enter your essay, MPT and MBE scores in the Exam Score column to calculate a Scaled Written and Total Scaled Score for the exam you choose. Examinees taking the upcoming July exam should use the calculators from recent prior July exams to estimate their July exam performance while February examinees should use past February calculators to test various scoring scenarios and estimate their February exam performance.

New York UBE Bar Exam Score Calculator  
Seperac Bar Review UBE Score Calculator   Scaled Score   COMMON SCALE SCORE   WEIGHT   WEIGHTED SCORE  
MEE ESSAY 1       0.05    
MEE ESSAY 2       0.05    
MEE ESSAY 3       0.05    
MEE ESSAY 4       0.05    
MEE ESSAY 5       0.05    
MEE ESSAY 6       0.05    
MPT 1       0.1    
MPT 2       0.1    
MBE SCALED SCORE       0.5    
TOTAL SCORE                

If you send me your exam scores using the following form, I will make a relevant Score Calculator once I receive enough scores and determine the scale. If you failed the exam, I can also provide you with a free 16 page analysis of your scores if you complete the above scoreform. Anyone who submits their scores will also receive a $25 coupon code which can be used for any of my MBE, MEE or MPT subscription modules.

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